Polycarbonate Shutters

Polycarbonate Roller Shutters

Commercial sites such as shop entrances, shop arcades and banks where security and transparency are essential, require installing transparent poly-carbonate shutters for a clear view and higher security. This shutter is constructed of poly-carbonate brick sections, connected with coupling tubes and it provides up to 83% vision.

The standard system for poly-carbonate shutters can be upgraded to classification as ram-raid resistant. The shutter slats are available in RAL colour and powder coated finishes.

Transparent poly-carbonate shutters are electrically operated. It can be controlled with a single-phase tube motor with a toggle. For large widths, a 3-phase direct drive motor with a push button station is required. Control options are numerous, and customer can choose between group controls, remote or mobile phone control.

These roller shutters come in a curved profile and are available in a variety of standard colours to complement most residential and industrial colour schemes. Furthermore, the standard box and guides are characterized by a galvanized finish, while the shutter slats can be powder coated with any BS or RAL colour to meet your requirements.

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