Arch Carpark Shades

Arch Design Carpark Shades

Stretchwall is specialized in manufacturing various types of fabric shades structures for car parking to suit various needs, including the arch design car parking shade. We design and build an extensive range of outdoor shades to protect cars and vehicles in both residential and commercial projects. The arch carpark shades we offer are one of the most robust shades available. Not to mention they look outstanding as well!

This type of carpark shades is designed with a flexible shade cloth or PVC fabric and a strong steel frame to support the structure. The fabric is pulled tight under tension, providing a strong shade that does not flap in the wind. We provide a comprehensive array of powder-coat colors to choose from.

Using a flexible shade covering adds that contemporary touch and unique style, creating a shading structure that looks fantastic from all angles. Cantilever arch car shades also offer great protection for your asset, with minimal supports. Our extensive range of shades offers protective fabric structures, able to shield you from UV rays as well as inclement weather.

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