Umbrella Carpark Shades

Umbrella Type Carpark Shades

The umbrella type car park shades are elegant and compact shades, designed for ease of use. They provide maximum shade and coverage thanks to their top quality and UV-resistant materials. These shades block out afternoon sun while offering a space-saving design. We offer a variety of models where customers can choose between a wide range of colours for the fabrics and for the steel structure.

Umbrella type car parking shades are engineered to resist wind, UV rays and birds drops. They offer space-saving as well as a unique look for your venue. When shade is required, but there is no possibility to accommodate multiple columns, only single-post designs can match these requirements.

Our umbrella shades are designed to protect vehicles from heat build-up and sun damage. No matter the nature of application: industrial, commercial, or residential, we provide you with the right car park cover fabric that meets your specifications. Our permanent water-repellant umbrellas bring an attractive appearance to your outdoor space, sheltered from both rain and harmful rays. All our umbrellas are wind-resistant and are not required to be collapsed during high winds.



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