Awnings Systems

The design of your awning can really transform the look and feel of your outside space and create the perfect look for your patio or garden. StretchWall manufactures and installs made-to-measure retractable awnings at affordable prices. Our awnings systems are skillfully engineered and designed using high-end materials and resilient finishes to give your awning system enhanced longevity.  

The single track technology of our awning system allows for unparalleled coverage, ease of deployment and unrelenting protection from both the sun and rain. Endless customization, weather protection, control options, diverse shapes and the variety of fabrics and colours are the main features that distinguish our awning system.

Furthermore our awnings are customized from 23 meters broad to 75 meters draw, based on the site conditions. We provide multiple control possibilities for the Awning’s smooth operation including automated awnings with wind sensor.

Applications:  residential, commercial and hospitality buildings.

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