Sectional Overhead Door

Sectional Overhead Doors


Sectional overhead doors from Stretchwall are the perfect solution for harsh climate conditions and are distinguished by a robust steel construction and a variety of design configurations. Our sectional doors ensure thermal insulation and are extremely robust when it comes to high wind loads. These doors are highly recommended in warehouses that store beverages, vegetables and fruits.

Our sectional doors also have soundproofing properties, which makes them suitable for a massive range of industrial and commercial applications. The door panels sheets incorporate a foam core that prevents transmission of heat or cold, creating a thermal performance. Furthermore, these doors require low maintenance, for instance, when a door incurs accidental damage, it can be repaired with replacement parts.

Our sectional doors can be customized with aluminum frame profile and glazing elements to make the door extremely insulating and stylish. Implementing efficient thermal insulation and glazing elements will produce a performance sectional overhead door system without compromising aesthetics.


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