Fabric Canopies


Adding the finishing touches to your outdoor space is very easy with exterior shades from StretchWall. One of the ways to transform your outdoors is with installing canopies or awnings. Installing a high-end canopy improves the aesthetic value of any external space. This is because they protect windows and patio doors from harsh weather conditions. Your interior furniture and curtains will last longer thanks to the extreme shading produced by canopies.

At Stretchwall, we pride ourselves on providing the best canopies for exterior shading to perfectly complement your building and create a versatile outdoor space. We offer canopy systems that are functional yet stylish. The unique designs are multipurpose and accommodate a variety of areas such as patio doors and ceiling to floor windows.  

Canopies provide functionality and practical benefits and when it comes to the solar glare issue, we offer a wide range of fabrics to create canopies that are tailor-made to meet your requirements. Our exclusive waterproof fabrics will keep you protected from solar heat or rain.

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