Skylight Blinds

Skylight Shading Systems

Our thermal and waterproof skylight blinds help you achieve energy saving thanks to the composition of fabrics that reflects heat in the summer and retain it in the winter. Our Skylight shades provide simultaneously privacy, glare, heat and UV-protection.

Bespoke skylight blinds from StretchWall are unlike anything else on the market. Their additional patented design features improve the look of any roof window. The system configuration and installation are easy thanks to the blinds clips that are attached to the fabric ensuring the blind stays securely within the runners at all times. Manual skylight shades can be upgraded to a motorized version, which will make it easy to operate the blind through your Smartphone or a remote control.

Our skylight systems can accommodate a variety of directions. Whether sloped, horizontal or arched glass roofs, we provide homeowners and interior designers with flexible design and creativity.  Using skylights shading system in your home allows natural daylight to enter any room and provides effective internal lighting.


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