Sail Shades

Sun Sail Shade

Our Sail Shades are perfect to enhance play grounds, outdoor classrooms, outdoor sitting areas and restaurants.  Furthermore sail shades increase privacy whilst protecting you from harsh weather conditions like UV rays and rain. Our shade sails are also perfect for use in various architectural and residential capacities.

Our range of sail shade fabrics is highly versatile and fabrics are designed to be strong and stable for use in architectural, outdoor and large-scale tension structures. From fabrics that are suited to play grounds, schools or restaurants; to others that are highly demanded in large-scale architectural structures, there’s a solution to suit every sail shade requirement.

Our sail shades offer the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure long-life performance. At home, you can enjoy your shaded pool any time of the day thanks to our made to measure sail shades that reduce the water temperature in your pool by 10 degrees in the summer.

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