Cantilever Carpark Shades

Cantilever Carpark Shades

Cantilever parking shades are a popular choice for architects and designers around the world due to their strong and durable structure. Cantilever shade can be installed for a single car or in a large parking area to shade many vehicles. Single bay tension cantilever is a contemporary carport’s design that is the mostly used structural system in the car parking shades. In addition, it can be used for all occasions where parking is required.

Cantilever parking shades provide optimal coverage, sun and rain protection, and convenience. It widely applies to commercial areas such as airports, schools, bus stations and government agencies, etc. Tensile membrane structures for carparking areas are increasingly favored by people for their reliability and attractive shape. Cantilever structures are ideal for venues where the shaded area needs to remain free of columns especially in covered parking and car dealerships areas.

The columns are in a line to one side of the area and the supporting beams extend out over the area, locating the shade where it is needed most. When you require shade but can’t have columns at the extremities, cantilever carport is the ideal choice.



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