Pyramid Carpark Shades

Pyramid Type Carpark Shades

Pyramid design car parking shade are cantilever shade structures which are popular for their unique aesthetic design. These shades are suitable for parks, open area car parking, residential area, etc. The pyramid car park shade is an attractive and well-designed outdoor shade that offers convenience and sun protection, while bringing more safety to your vehicle.

Pyramid car park shades can be used in a variety of areas of applications and they provide 100% protection to your car whilst keeping the interior temperature cooler than usual, maintaining the shine of your car for a long time. Premium quality fabrics like PVC and HDPE Fabrics are the most suitable for designing and manufacturing the perfect car parking shade.

These cantilever carpark shade structures are built with high quality materials and can be supported by columns on just one side to avoid obstructing the parking space. Compared to classic structures, pyramid type car parking shades are eco-friendly shades that require less material with minimal structural support. This will help in reducing cost without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.



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