When it is time to decide between installing blinds or dressing your windows with curtains, many factors alter your decision.
Blinds and curtains provide many features such us sun blocking and privacy. When preparing your home for rent or selling, you need to consider what functions should draperies and blinds offer.

Numerous factors can impact on your homes’ resale value such us: the purpose your curtains or blinds should serve, in which room you will install these shades, the fabric color, with or without blackout lining. Energy efficiency, anti-bacterial, fire-retardant and child-friendly features can  alter your choice as well.

Choosing neutral colors over bold tones shows off your property to the best advantage ( less versatility with bold colors and more flexibility with neutral ones).

Most of interior designers choose to place curtains and sheers, accented with padded pelmets as a focal point in living areas and bedrooms to boost the appearance and create warm atmosphere in the living space. Combined with roman blinds, the drapery set adds a hint of luxury and more decorative accents to the room than simple blinds.